Health Related Apps

  Better health channel (Free) 
Provides health and medical information including articles on a range of conditions, treatments, relationships and healthy living. The app allows users to view a range of nutritious recipes, health services and personalised health alerts

HealthEngine (Free)
Allows users to locate health professions including dentists, psychologists, GP’s, chiropractors and book an appointment online. Users can access health professionals details including photo, hours, location in addition to reminder alerts being able to manage all your appointments.

  National Home doctor Service (Free) 
This after hours, bulk billed GP service can get a doctor to treat you and your loved ones at your home at every night, weekends and public holidays. Instead of waiting of waiting on phone to book an appointment you can request a call back via to make an appointment.
  Medibank Symptom Checker (Free)
This app provides information regarding treatment options of minor injuries and suggests you to seek further help  from a health professional. Gives the reassurance you need when looking after children when they become unwell.
**Only available from the iTunes store.
  Express plus Medicare (Free)
This app you to carry out a wide range of functions including making a claim to Medicare, view your child’s immunisation history statement, view your Medicare safety net information and many more!
  My Child’s eHealth Record (Free)
Allows parents or authorised members to access their child’s eHealth record and add in important developmental information. Users can view a child’s growth chart, immunisation records and health checks.

Kids Health Info (Free)
Created by the Royal Children’s Hospital and provides more than 300 medical fact sheets. This app was especially developed for parents and young people to provide up-to-date paediatric health information.

  First Aid by Australian Red Cross (Free)
This App gives an instant access to information on how handle most common first aid emergencies. Includes simple and interactive step-by-step advice.
  First aid ($4.99)
Created by St. Johns Ambulance Australia this app provides step by step first aid advice about what to do in an emergency. The app covers a range of topics including; choking, asthma attacks, burns and many more

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