Baby Apps

  ACCC Keeping Baby Safe (Free)
This app gives information about 30 different infant and nursery products, mainly focusing on the related hazards, what to look for when purchasing and safety tips. This app is available for free from iTunes for Apple iOS users.                   
** Only available on iTunes store.

Baby Karaoke (Free)
With this interactive app from Raising Children Network, you can sing along some popular songs and nursery rhymes with your child. You use the mobile version on long car drives, dentist appointments or just for a break.

  Baby Tracker (Free)
Allows you to record your baby's breastfeeds or bottle feeds and provides detailed charting. In addition, you can record your child’s sleep times, nappy changes, growth and medications.

Feed Safe (Free)
This app from The Australian Breastfeeding Association, tells you how long you should wait to breast feed after having a drink. It calculates when your breast milk will be free from alcohol based on your height and weight.
** Only available on iTunes store.

  Baby weaning recipes, planners and guide - MadeForMums (Free) 
In association with Heinz, this app provide access to 193 weaning recipes, 26 weekly meal planners, shopping lists and 106 expert articles covering a range of topics.
** Only available on iTunes store.
  SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping (Free)
Provides vital information to new and expectant moms how to sleep baby safely and reduce the risk of sudden unexpected death in infants and fatal sleeping accidents. It also includes valuable information on Tummy Time and Safe Wrapping.
  Sound Sleeper (Free)
Features high quality real sounds from nature and city to help your baby gently drift off to sleep. Consists three different modes and the listen mode turns on the app automatically to your baby's cry to soothe her at night.

Sprout Baby (Free)
This app allows you to track and save your baby's sleep, feed and nappy habits. You can time and record your nursing session with one hand. Also tract any changes in your baby's habits at a glance. Also allows you to save your baby's immunisation records, growth charts and medical records.
** Only available on iTunes store.

  What were we thinking (Free)
Assists parents tackle the challenges of parenthood, from how to settle, wrap a baby and how to manage crying.

** Only available on iTunes store.
  The Wonder Weeks ($1.99 on iTunes)
Provides a calendar detailing your child’s development in addition to providing users with useful information including what their child can understand and learn at certain milestones and ways in which you can best support them.


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